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Sandra Oh And Kevin McKidd Talk Season 7

ABC has released new interviews with Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd for the new season and we've transcribed Sandra's part of the interview:

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Sandra Oh on:

The season 6 finale
SO: I was working in London during the time and even though they're actually a season back, many people came up to me, many people e-mailed me… and you know after being on a show for six almost seven seasons, people don't dp that as frequently. But there are certain episodes that you know you hit something right. And I think the sixth season finale was one of them, because more people in the longest time e-mailed me, came up to me, said something about the finale.

What I also like is when guys…(Laughs) ...when guys come up to me and like they're admitting something by saying they enjoyed the show. But a lot of things it's like "Oh, that was great".

The season premiere:
SO: The season premiere of the seventh season kind of goes back and forth in time. We obviously see this terrible, terrible event of the shooter being at Seattle Grace, and go back and forth in time […] and for each character a flashback happens at different times.

You basically see her have a nervous breakdown. I think that was - which was really, really challenging to do - but I think it was great to see this character who is always in control, very sure of herself have something traumatic happen to her that she is unable to deal with it. We've just never seen the character come undone as the way she is in this premiere.

James Tupper’s guest role in the premiere
SO: So James Tupper comes on as Dr. Perkins and we start with how he's interviewing all… and he's basically the psych doctor who is evaluating all the doctors who were in this trauma, who were in this event at the finale, to see whether they are able to perform their jobs. My character is not able to and does not pass that test.

The wedding of Owen and Cristina
SO: The big event in the season premiere is that my character, Cristina, and Kevin McKidd's character Owen Hunt get married. The part of this is told in flashback. Certain events bond people and you don't exactly know how and why. Hopefully, my interpretation of it will make sense to the audience to see why she decides to marry him.

How PTSD plays a role in her character’s relationship with Owen
SO: I find PTSD very interesting and a vital subject. I love when we're exploring it through his character and his experience in Iraq. To bring that back into the picture - still with him and still with his understanding - I think hopefully speaks to a lot of people. And the thing is of course character wise, he has this experience, I have given him my compassion and to flip it you get to see them grow.

And what the marriage means for her character
SO: I'm really interested in exploring what that marriage in relationship is for Cristina, because based on at least my interpretation of the premiere, she doesn't really necessarily… She has her own deep reasons for why she said yes. And I think she has to eventually learn - learn to choose - continuing to be in the marriage. It's a different beginning than let's say Derek and Meredith who had a longstanding love affair to ground them. It's kind of more based in common experience between Cristina and Owen and a bond of care.

Kevin McKidd on:
* the season 6 finale
* the season premiere
* the impact the marriage will have on Owen and Cristina
* if the love triangle between Cristina, Owen, Teddy is done
* why people should tune in

To listen to the audio of the interview and also hear what Kevin McKidd has to say, click here

Source: ABC

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I think there was a lot of attraction when they got married, but Owen needs to prove that he can be a stable, reliable guy. And I think he is, yey!

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