Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yang's Anatomy?

The lovely Ellen Pompeo talked to E! Online about what storylines we can expect to see this season on Grey's Anatomy and mentioned that a lot of focus will be on Cristina Yang and her PTSD.  She also said some nice things about Sandra Oh, so check it out below:

Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo
Now, while it seems unfortunate that baby-making isn't going to be a focus of Grey's this season, there are quite a few other storylines to focus on. Pompeo tells us the biggest one is for Mer's soulmate, Cristina (Sandra Oh), saying, "The first half of the season is a great storyline that centers around Sandra Oh's character and her post-traumatic stress disorder, which she's dealing with from the shooting. It's played brilliantly by Sandra. Her acting is impeccable, and the storyline is great for her. I think it's a very entertaining first half of the season."

We like the sound of that.


Carlithiel said...

Sounds promising!
Yang's Anatomy? Yes please :)

Owen_Cristinaforever said...

Aww thats so nice of Ellen to say about Sandra! Ellens awsome! I can't wait to see this storyline about Cristina and of course Sandra Oh is such an amazingly talented actress its going to be awsome to watch her play this!

Elizabeth said...

Sandra Oh is hot stuff right now and Rhimes is probably gravitating towards that.

I often wonder what would have happened if the show was called "Complications" and not "Grey's Anatomy"... would there have been four seasons about Meredith? I say four because George and Izzy have Season 5, Season 6 Ellen was pregnant, and Season 3 was mostly about Meredith's drowning and her mother... until the finale.

But since Shonda's a fan of Lost, where characters often died for no reason, I'm glad it was about Meredith. And I'm glad Cristina is finally getting a serious turn!

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