Friday, July 15, 2011

A Preview Of Sandra Oh's Interview On "People Inside"

Earlier this week we told you about Sandra's upcoming interview this Sunday on Korean tvN. We got the word that the interview will be about 40-45 minutes long and will be available online later on so everyone will be able to watch.

Allkpop has a preview of the interview, so check it out below:


On the upcoming July 17th episode of Baek Ji Yeon’s “People Inside”, an exclusive interview with “Grey’s Anatomy”s heroine, Sandra Oh, will air for the first time in Korean broadcasting history.

The interview took place in Los Angeles, at CGV LA, where the staff later reported that Sandra approached the interview with a very enthusiastic manner without hiding her honest and lively personality.

As well as being the winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2006, she has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for 5 years straight since 2005, living up to her reputation as the top East Asian actress in Hollywood.

During the interview, Sandra spoke of her love for Korea as a Korean-Canadian and her hopes to one day star in a Korean movie. She also talked about the inside stories behind “Grey’s Anatomy” and how she was cast into the show.

She stated, “If I am to be cast in a Korean movie, I will be happy to take any role. I will study Korean, and if I don’t have any lines, I can act with just my facial expressions. I’ve always wanted to attend the Busan Film Festival, but I was always caught up with work. I want to attend the festival with a piece I star in”.

She also picked “Thirst” as her favorite Korean film and revealed that she has always been a fan of the actor, Song Kang Ho.

Adding on, she revealed the hardships of working as an Asian actress in Hollywood. “It’s exactly as people imagine. Working as an East Asian actress in Hollywood is hard and frustrating, and I do simply get tired of it from time to time. But you must overcome these hardships and be able to look at the bigger picture”, sharing her sentiments.

She also commented, “I’ve been friends with people like Sung Kang, Yunjin Kim even before they were famous. I like both actors very much and their success makes me really happy”, revealing her friendships with other Korean actors and actresses working in Hollywood.

Did you now that in 2005 Sandra Oh was set to star in a Korean filmcalled "Smells Like Butter"? The production was eventually put on hold never to resume again, but this was the news about it back then from writer/director Grace Lee:

Lee first appeared at the San Diego Asian Film Festival with her short film “Barrier Device,” starring Sandra Oh. Lee and Oh will rejoin in “Smells Like Butter” - a sort of “Sex and the City” in reverse.

In the comedy, Oh plays a desperate single woman who travels across the world to find and arrange her own marriage. Lee was so taken with working with Oh in “Barrier Device” that she wrote “Smells Like Butter” with the actress in mind. 

“I love Sandra,” Lee said. “She's so compelling to watch and just as dynamic, intelligent and complex in person.”

And more info here on Sandra's official site.


Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful!

E2E said...

I absolutely admire Sandra for being so proud of her Asian roots, even in an environment where undoubtedly there is Western influences.
And she looks so beautiful in that picture. Can't wait to see the interview! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, three days, 2 comments, that makes me wondering where those O/C fans are? Oh right, they are too busy at squeezing over a KMK's new picture, no one cares about Sandra's new interview.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous
Making assumptions over an entire fandom just because they didn't make a comment, it's wrong and disrespectful. I assure you cannot be more wrong.
You wasted your comment in making wrong accusations over C/O fans.

So looking forward to Sandra's interview. Those are so rare, just makes us treasure these moments even more.

Elizabeth said...

wow so excited Sandra is my idol in life shes amazing talented beautiful women,

and FYI i love co i love KMK I love so and many many people feel the same way, this does not change because people did not make a coment on this article, also many of these fans are on twitter and have i asure you made many coments, about this women we all love so much,,

so stop making asumptions about ppl you dnt know.

Anonymous said...

Beware of the resident GA fandom Sandra Oh/Cristina Yang comment police. LOL Geeze we're counting comments now?

Zena said...

I love Sandra, she's beautiful and super talented! can't wait to watch this interview! and YES, I am a proud and obssessed CO fan who love and adore Sandra as much as I love and adore Kevin!

Anonymous said...

I guess someone didn't take their CoCoNut Vitamins this morning.

I have enough LOVE to go around for BOTH Sandra AND Kevin.

I also SQUEE at Sandra's pictures as much as I do at Kevin's....but maybe not as loud : )

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed listening to this interview I hope to one day see her in feature films and winning that oscar she deserves al the happiness in the world

P.S. just because C/O fans are drooling over the new KMK pic doesnt mean they don't like Sandra KMK is just fine as hell

IWY said...

"Beware of the resident GA fandom Sandra Oh/Cristina Yang comment police. LOL Geeze we're counting comments now? "

Well, we don't. But compare with the reblog rate/how many fangirls drooling over a single picture of KMK wearing T-shirt with this, you will see the difference of the treatment.

I guess there must be someone mentioned the comment above that made fangirls come here to make comment.

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