Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's A Wrap For 'Scaredy Cat'

Author Mark Billingham wrote a bit about the adaptation of Scaredy Cat - in which Sandra Oh stars - in his latest newsletter and here is what he said:


Filming has now been completed on adaptations of the first two Tom Thorne novels, SLEEPYHEAD and SCAREDY CAT. I’ve seen rough cuts of the first three episodes and am hugely excited with how the series is looking.

I can confirm that aside from the fabulous David Morrissey as Tom Thorne, the cast includes Aiden Gillen (“The Wire”) as Phil Hendricks, Eddie Marsan (“Sherlock Holmes”) as Kevin Tughan, “Natascha McElhone (“Californication”) as Anne Coburn and Sandra Oh (“Grey’s Anatomy”) as Sarah Chen.

SLEEPYHEAD is directed by Stephen Hopkins (“24”) who has done an amazing job, and shows a side of London that is rarely seen on screen. There will be an exclusive British Film Institute preview of SLEEPYHEAD at the National Film Theatre in early October. This will be followed by a Q&A, in which the audience may ask such pertinent questions as, “Why, oh why was the author’s brief, yet telling performance as ‘Unnamed Detective In The Background’ so brutally edited out?”

Yes, it’s true. Tragically, my Hitchcock-like cameo did not make the final cut. Perhaps it will see the light of day on the DVD extras. It was probably my own fault for waving a copy of the novel and mouthing “I wrote this!”

The series will begin showing in the UK on Sky One in mid-October and as news of sales to foreign territories is coming in all the time, hopefully viewers elsewhere will be able to see it soon afterwards.
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