Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Crap!

A copy of the Grey's Anatomy season finale has reached the reviewers and here is what they had to say about it:

NatalieAbrams: HOLY CRAP! Watching the first hour of the Grey's Anatomy finale and holy crap....omg. It's CRAZY! Did that really just happen?!

NatalieAbrams: No, seriously, no one is safe... #jawisonfloorwhilewatchinggreysfinale

NatalieAbrams: For everyone DM'ing for hints on what happens in Grey's finale: YOU DON'T WANT IT RUINED FOR YOU! Promise

NatalieAbrams: 14 RT @Rissberries: @NatalieAbrams On a scale of 1 to 10, straight up, how jaw-droppingly awesome is the Grey's finale?

NatalieAbrams: ok back to watching the Grey's finale. um, I've been holding my breath and I also just cried. Wow, so good.

NatalieAbrams: 1 hour of Grey's finale over...i'm speechless

NatalieAbrams: Here's what I'll say about hour 1 of Grey's finale: It's one of the best hours of television. You will be shocked. You will need Kleenex.

: Holy crap. Got a copy of the #Greys finale from a source (shhh)...watching it now and HOLY CRAP. I just literally jumped off my couch.

MattMtvguy: Watching the #GreysAnatomy finale.... Well gee, I guess THAT person won't be back in the fall.

MattMtvguy: OK, and that makes two.... #Greys

KristinDSantos: This Thursdays' #GreysAnatomy might have you on edge. I just screamed out loud when the pizza man knocked at my door.

Kristin Dos Santos: And now I'm crying. #GreysAnatomy finale.

MattMtvguy: Yep. @KristinDSantos And now I'm crying. #GreysAnatomy finale.
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