Friday, May 14, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: Zoanne Clack On 'Shiny Happy People'

From the writers of Grey's on last night's episode:

The two of us were put in charge of the pre-finale episode. The episode right before the finale. How do you write the set up episode for the GAME CHANGER? We thought we’d start by seeing our characters have some fun. Or at least feign having some fun. I mean, technically it’s a party, right? Fun! Okay, it’s a lame “meet and greet the Chief” party. It probably shouldn’t even be called a party… more like a work function. But there’s much juicy info to be gleaned from the party.


Also? Cristina agrees to move in with Owen. Through all the angst, all the PTSD, all the choking – Cristina wants to make this work. She’s all in. Until life happens and kills her bliss (more on that later). What else…

Now on to the star I personally grew up watching: Marion Ross. And by personally I mean she was on my TV every Tuesday on ABC on Happy Days. I tried so hard not to call her “Mrs. Cunningham” but it was hard. And she was an absolutely lovely person. Also lovely? Alan Mandell, the actor who played Betty’s long lost love Henry. Cristina wasn’t so enthralled with these love birds. Because listening to them talk about their tragic, unrequited love – as well as Richard going on about how much he misses Ellis – just made her doubt Owen.

Okay, we all know it, Cristina and Owen have a complicated relationship. In fact it’s what makes us love writing about them. They love each other, but that doesn’t mean both of them don’t have feelings for other people. Or that they can just decide to shut those feelings off. And Cristina gets this. She believes that Owen loves her, she just isn’t okay if he also loves Teddy. And watching Henry and Betty reconnect made her think long and hard about whether or not Owen was contemplating looking backwards – to this woman who had been such an important part of his life so long ago. Not that Owen would ever stray. He loves Cristina, he’s just a little tortured. He’s trying to figure it out and was hoping he would never have to confront his feelings for Teddy, but Cristina (with a little help from Mer) is forcing him to do just that. So now he has to make a choice. Cristina or Teddy. Or will one of them make the choice for him…?

On to Meredith. She was in a tough spot in this episode. She knew something she shouldn’t have known and it forced her to be cryptic with Cristina. Problem is, Mer and Cristina don’t do cryptic. They’re our twisted sisters. Real. Blunt. Painfully honest. And we love em for it. But in this situation Mer needed to take some lessons from her burn patient Amber, who finally forced her best friend to stop with the positive affirmations and start getting real (time to stop being polite and get real!). Enough with the happy face, Amber basically says, cause life’s not all happy all the time just because you say it is. And having to pretend otherwise is just exhausting. So Mer went to Owen and forced the issue. Girl’s got balls, there’s no denying that. Oh, BTW, we don’t in any way advocate texting while driving! That was a joke. Don’t do it. (Yeah. Ditto. --Pete)

Okay, that concludes your public service announcement from Grey’s Anatomy. But before I sign off, here’s a final word on next week’s season finale: Strap on your seatbelt. Prepare to have mind blown. Cause it’s gonna take you on the ride of your life… (intrigued yet?)

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