Thursday, April 15, 2010

And The Mystery Person Is... [Updated]

You have been asking and the answer to this spoiler that we posted yesterday is below the pic...


The mystery person is Meredith Grey 'who does not have a good feeling when it comes to Owen'.

UPDATE: And here is the entire tidbit from this week's issue of EW:
Look for the Teddy/Owen/Cristina imbroglio to get more complicated when "Meredith's feelings about Owen in Cristina's life affect the triangle in a very interesting way," teases series' creator, Shonda Rhimes.

And faster than you can say "game changer" the show's 2-hour finale on May 20 will "reset, reboot, re-creat, redefine every single character and their role on the show".

Thanks to our reader Michelle for the heads up.

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Clau said...

Wooou nose si le tengo mas miedo a Mer que a Teddy!
esto se va a poner super complicado!
gracias por la noticia!

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