Saturday, April 17, 2010

Double Hush

Random tweet of the day from Grey's boss, Shonda Rhimes:


Cassandra said...

If Shonda is making Owen and Christina's news up to the finale of the season, there much be something big happening. I hope that the big HUSH HUSH is him popping the question to Christina or her asking him to marry him. I would love to see them have a scene together in the finale like Derek and Meredith had in the end of Season 4. "House of Candles".

Emma said...

At this point I think the best thing which could happen to them is Owen opening up to Cristina about Iraq. This would mean the beginning of his healing process, and could be hopefully leading to plans for their future together. It would also be a beautiful way to link the finale to the premiere of this season, with those sessions at Dr Wyatt's. I do hope for them though that Dr Wyatt won't lay sex under embargo again!!!

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