Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remember When We Used To Play, Bang Bang

Random pic of the day.

Sandra Oh and Adam Beach in the Canadian short film Prey from 1995. One Two

About the film:

The morning after a break-in at her Korean immigrant father's convenience store, Il Bae, 20-something and strong-willed, catches a hunky shoplifter-only to discover he's a Native Canadian friend's brother to whom she's powerfully attracted. In the space of one day Il Baie's family routine collides with her New World romance, catching her between loyalty to her father and her passion for a new lover with a checkered past. Physical chemistry, cross-cultural confusions, racism, and the constant threat of urban violence converge in this fast-paced, wryly humorous take-off on love at first sight where trust and desire strike a delicate balance.

"Smart and sexy. Lee plays with, and challenges, cultural and gender stereotypes. Toss a gun into actress Sandra Oh's curious hands and [the] theme of dangerous pleasure takes off."
Ingrid Randoja
Toronto NOW

"A story of pursuit where the gender tables are turned: the girl ends up with her man and the gun."
Olympia Film Society


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