Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Triangle Heats Up On Grey's Anatomy

Or so we hear. TV Guide Magazine recently caught up with Kevin McKidd at a celebrity event where he talked for a bit about Yang and Hunt and the triangle:

If you thought the passionate love triangle between Owen (Kevin McKidd), Christina (Sandra Oh) and Teddy (Kim Raver) was intense get ready to see what's about to ignite on Grey's Anatomy.

"I think as the season draws to a close it's going to get pretty intense and much more complicated then it already is," Kevin McKidd told TV Guide Magazine at the 8th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational at the Commerce Casino of his character's love life. "And also I think things come up with Owen beyond Christina and Teddy. Stuff comes up about his past that he has to deal with so that gets really interesting and complicates even more his situation with the two women."

So if McKidd had his way who would he choose for the brash doctor? "I always imagined that Owen and Christina would always be together as me being a fan of the show and beyond playing the character I've always kind of pictured them together and having this tempestuous relationship."

Maybe it was because he was there to support Grey's Anatomy cast mate and expectant father, Eric Dane whose charity of choice, Chrysalis benefitted from the evening's poker winnings, but McKidd also had babies on the brain. "I've always thought it would be cool to see (Owen and Christina) have a baby together down the line."

Shonda Rimes, take note.

We're thinking somebody is a Yang+Hunt fanboy just like Sandra's dad.


Megan said...

Yay! for CrOwen babies! Let's hope he has some pull when it comes to C/O storylines. :D

Lisa said...

LOVE the idea of a baby for Cristina and Owen!

Excited to see what happens next but hope NO MORE ROMANTIC triangle! Hope the complications between the two woman are only Owen dealing with his FREINDSHIP with Teddy and his love for Cristina and PTSD!

lilla said...

I want a baby too! So cute! And I think that the trouble ahead is PTSD related.

lovecris said...

Seriously this triangle is like a nightmare that I can't wake up from. Somebody wake me up please.

I can deal with PTSD. What I don't understand is why should it concern Teddy at all.

I want some happiness for Cristina already. I've never seen her cry so much since she got together with Owen. That said, KMK is the biggest fangirl of CO and I hope that at the end of this season we get to see a marriage for them. Yes I would love a McBaby. Cristina pregnant would be hilarious and made of win. That would probably piss other couples' fans off if Cristina gets a McBaby.

LoveKMK said...

I agree that Cristina being pregnant would be very comical. I hope that Shonda & Co. take note of all the C/O fans wanting a McBaby for their favorite GA couple!!

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