Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Matt Mitovich Spoils - December 15

Latest Grey's Anatomy spoilers from Fancast:

Your ‘Grey’s’ scoop from last week has me depressed, Matt. I was hoping for more Jackson/Cristina hotness in the new year. Is Jackson permanently out of the picture?
Well, never say never. When I asked Jesse Williams specifically if Cristina and Owen being back on track means we’ve seen the first and last lip lock ‘tween her and Jackson, he teased, “I don’t know that both cant be true, that they’re mutually exclusive.” Hmm. I then sought out his thoughts on exactly why the bad boy of Mercy West went in for the kiss. His take: “It has to do with a real admiration, respect and attraction to her personality, aside from her being physically attractive.” All bets were then off when Yang pulled off the controversial surgery she had been advised to step away from. Says Jesse, “Jackson was like, ‘That’s f—ing awesome.’”

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Lisa said...

To Matt... Jesse Williams is just a publicity munger! He is just trying to milk the Cristina kiss to make a place for himself at GA! Get over it! It was a one time 3 sec drunken kiss – a plot device for Cristina to realize that she was being reckless and could lose everything ie. Owen! As Cristina said, “It is never going to happen”! If you want to talk about a kiss that has people talking, why don’t you mention the “I Love You” kiss between Cristina/Owen in the last episode. Now that was one passionate kiss! WOW! That is what I want to see more of and so do a lot of fans!

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