Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Matt Mitovich Spoils - December 8

Latest Grey's Anatomy spoilers from Fancast:

Are we going to see happy moments for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s‘ Cristina and Owen?
When ‘Grey’s’ returns on January 14, things are focused on Mark, Addison and the latest ‘Private Practice‘ crossover, but I’m hearing there still is juicy stuff for Cristina and Owen. I just wouldn’t necessarily qualify it as “happy.”

One thing’s for sure: Any bumps to come will not be courtesy of Jackson the Kissing Bandit. In fact, his portrayer would like some props from Owenstina fans. “They should be embracing me, because I helped to re-kick-start what they know and love,” Jesse Williams says with a wink.

Then again, should Owen learn about Jackson’s stolen smooch, even Kevin McKidd has said that things could get “ugly.” Williams says that reveal thus far “hasn’t been broached, but I’d be really surprised if it isn’t. Even if Jackson brings it up to create some brief tension.” Bad!


Coforever said...

My take of the above spoiler...

"juicy stuff for Cristina and Owen"


"wouldn't NECESSARILY qualify it as "happy""...


"One thing’s for sure: Any bumps to come will not be courtesy of"

I think Cristina could very well be pregnant! and PTSD returns! Just speculating but that is my two cents!

Maria Victoria said...

I agree on the PTSD, not the pregnancy.

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