Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kim Raver Is Lucky

Here is some praise for Sandra from her new Grey's co-star, Kim Raver:

Kim Raver says she didn’t have to think twice about coming aboard “Grey’s Anatomy” as heart surgeon Dr. Teddy Altman — not only because she’s a fan of the show, but also because she’d worked with creator Shonda Rhimes before and “I trusted her completely.”


The former “24″ and “Lipstick Jungle” actress has found she loves Teddy (a possible threat to the relationship of Sandra Oh’s and Kevin McKidd’s characters) at least as much, however. And the “Grey’s” team.

“My first day, people on the set kept talking about how cold it was and I said, ‘Cold? I can’t help sweating.’ They all understood how I felt, though, and they were welcoming, which really helped my nerves,” she says.

“Sandra — I think she is such a generous actress, and she’s so funny. I’m lucky to be with her and Kevin and the show gang.”



Valérie said...

Of course she's lucky :)

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