Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kim Raver On Her New Role On Grey's Anatomy

Kim Raver is featured in the latest issue of TV Guide where she talks about her new role on Grey's Anatomy as Cristina's mentor and Owen's army buddy. There is also a brief mention of Sandra giving her a hug on her first day on set.

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We think someone is here to stay.

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Anonymous said...

C/O fans will give her a chance, as long as she keeps her lips off of Owen!!! I think we are fine with her stirring up trouble and being a cardio badass but we want Cristina/Owen together forever!

Anonymous said...

Oh goody. Another woman to make Cristina look heartless.

And Cristina is the Queen of Hearts. Not Teddy. Get it together, TV Guide.

Mariana said...

Ohh... Sandra huged her *-*
Now her caracter has a chance with me *-*

Owen_Cristinaforever! said...

omg I HATE Kim Raver I don't think shes a good actress at all she was in that knock off show of Sex and the City Lipstick Jungle and it was a terrible show! I just hope her character keeps her hands off Owen and isn't a bitch to Cristina! I don't want her to be a regular they already have too many new people we don't need another one! I liked dr dixon I thought she was awsome they should bring her back for cardio! or maybe bring back Burke that would be an interesting twist! lol

Owen_CristinaForever! said...

I just need to dsay one more thing Raver wants us to give Teddy a chance when she will be trying to break Cristina and Owen up! Yeah right I am so not giving her any chance! NO WAY! I don't care what she says I don't want her messing with Owen and Cristina and Shonda Rhimes better becareful what she does with Owen and Cristina cause if she breaks them up because of this Teddy character there are going to be alot of angry fans cause right now Owen and Cristina are like the number one couple! I will stop watching the show thats for sure I loved last season so much because of the romance between Owen and Cristina and how they fell in love and now this girl comes in and tried to break them up how do they go from such an extreme to the other!!!! Thats what I kind of hate about Greys sometimes they go from a couple loving each other so much and then all of a sudden they don't, they did that to Meredith and Derek in season 3 and season 4 I mean now they are happily together and I am hoping that happens with Owen and Cristina I mean them ending up together and happy part! But serioulsy season six season sucks right now! Owen and Cristina are meant to be together!!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, although it sounds like maybe the triangle storyline was hyped up a bit. There is some good from the article - what was that about the tender scene between owen and cris?

I feel that many fans stuck by grey's last season because of cristina and owen, and breaking them up now may make them feel unrewarded for their loyalty.

In addition to all of this, KMK and SO have such great chemistry on screen, it would be a waste to ruin the characters' relationship and future with this Raver storyline...

I'll give her a chance, as long as she doesn't mess with C/O!

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