Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing, Testing 1,2,3

Latest spoilers from Sandra's co-star Kevin McKidd:

Talk show host Bonnie Hunt welcomes actor Kevin McKidd, of “Grey’s Anatomy” to “The Bonnie Hunt Show” on Thursday, October 22 to discuss the new season of the hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Bonnie asks Kevin if he can reveal anything in upcoming storylines -especially regarding his character Owen and love interest Christina (Sandra Oh). Kevin reveals, “It’s getting very interesting this season…things are tough between Christina and Owen right now. Owen’s misreading her a lot…and I think they’ll be together but it is a really tough road and there is going to be a big test for them this season so it is going to be interesting.”



Anonymous said...

Why does he say that he "thinks" they will be together :( That makes me very nervous

Anonymous said...

This makes me so upset - that we`re going through some uncertainty after a whole season of it. Argh. Frustrating. We need happy Owen and Cristina.

Di said...

I agree, we already had a season full of uncertainty, what we should have now is happiness... But I really think they are going to make it through this and then they're going to have a stronger relationship and hopefully some fun times!

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