Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh, The Tears

(No pun intended.) Here are the reviews for this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy:

  • The episode’s best scene: Cristina’s weepy panic attack in front of Meredith, where she declares, “Nothing is happening to me,” that she misses Burke and a time when “I felt seen.” Sandra Oh, as always, nails it. - Matt Roush, TV Guide
  • Lexie ends up stealing the notebook-cum-diary of the Mercy West chick on her beat, makes fun of her with it, and eventually apologizes, telling the burglar patient she’s doing surgery on that she’s not into stealing anymore. After that ridiculousness passes, we get some meaty developments with Cristina, who’s still in search of a cardio surgeon who can show her the ropes. She cries to Meredith (laid up in bed after a liver transplant — actress Ellen Pompeo recently gave birth) that she misses Burke — not for the romance, but for their working relationship. We miss Burke, too! Remember when this show used to be so good? Sigh. - New York Magazine
  • Meanwhile, Yang is distraught, she's actually crying. She goes to Mer and tells her that what, she misses Burke? But it's not the sex or the relationship, she misses holding hearts in her hand because it was "right" - I really hope Owen gets to see this. Cristina's crying voice is garbled and scary. She finally says she doesn't want to join in all the fighting anymore. She goes to Mer's bed and lies on her shoulder. Aw. This is the only lesbian storyline I would buy, if ever. - Buddy TV
  • Matters of the Heart: Even star pupil Yang, whose been feeling lost on her career path, gave up. A bit of her fight came back in the ER, but her Mercy counterpart outdid her every step of the way. The last straw? Her beau let one of them scrub in on her patient. “You‘re prioritizing based on some random code, some stupid rule you have not to favor me,” she said to him. Yang fled to Mer’s room and broke down about how much she missed Burke and his heart cases. “Nothing is happening to me. I’m chasing surgeries I don’t care about,” she said. “I spent this entire day fighting and I don’t want to do it anymore “ Sandra Oh dug deep for that one. - People

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