Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Captionized: Cristina And Owen Have Something To Say...

Judging from the comments on our site lately, Yang and Hunt fans aren't too happy about what is going on on Grey's Anatomy right now with everyone's favorite new couple.

We have also noticed that we have been getting a lot of hits to our site this past month from people searching for "sandra oh leaving greys anatomy" from various search engines. We are not quite sure what brought this on, but in case somebody knows something we don't, we are pretty sure that Sandra isn't going anywhere.

So here is something to cheer you up folks. Here is Dr Hunt and Dr Yang's reaction to this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Angelamermaid-style.

Sneak peek:

Heh. Click here to see the entire scene.


Anonymous said...

Omg really? That is scary to think of Sandra leaving but she wont! I just know it.

Kat said...

Of course she is not leaving!

The thing is after T.R. left, now KH is leaving for a while too, Ellen's pregnancy meaning she has little screen time and rumors she would miss some episodes, and with so many new actors... so some people are panicking thinking everyone is leaving or something like that, which is absurd.

Anyway, these captioned episodes are hilarious.

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