Monday, October 26, 2009

The New Hot Guy On Grey's Has The Word

BettyConfidential has posted an interview with the new guy on Grey's Anatomy, Jesse Williams, where he briefly talks about his character Jackson Avery and Cristina Yang. This is what he said:

Your character was just introduced but he’s already impressing Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and infuriating Cristina (Sandra Oh).
Yes, Jackson’s part of the merger between Seattle Grace and Mercy West, and everyone’s trying to work really hard and overachieve, even if that can be at the patients’ expense sometimes. So he’s getting caught up in this competitive atmosphere a bit, and Cristina’s the most competitive of all. But he doesn’t want to be a part of the hospital’s drama. He’s just trying to work fast, hard and affectively. It’s strictly business for Jackson.

Well, usually, when characters bicker on Grey’s, it means they’re going to wind up in bed together sooner or later.
Really, is that the pattern?

Pretty much. So will Jackson end up with Cristina at some point?
If I knew, I’d be fired if I lead on. But I certainly know what you mean about the tables being set with the tension. I have to keep my mouth shut about that for now, though. I will say that I’d be really surprised if something didn’t happen between me and somebody. I don’t think you can be on Grey’s Anatomy without a sex scene!

I know your fiancĂ©, Arin, got you into the show. As a new fan, who’s your favorite character?
I would have to say Cristina. She always seems to be the hardest worker, the most passionate, and funny, which is important to me. Sometimes you’re laughing more at what she’s saying than her trying to be funny. As actors, I think everyone on the show is outstanding, but particularly the women. They have to carry a lot of the load for us, in terms of the drama in and out of the hospital. I am really, really impressed to stand beside them as they work. I think they can teach me a lot.

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