Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grey's Boss Responds

The news about Kim Raver joining Grey's Anatomy as someone who'll stir things up between everyone's new favorite couple, Cristina and Owen, has not been received well by the Yang+Hunt fans as you can tell by the comments here.

We are thinking that Grey's boss, Shonda Rhimes, must have received a lot of questions about this on her Twitter-account as she has posted a response.

From Twitter:
Q: I've read about the new doctor,a woman from his past who will shaken them,I think we've already seen this With Meredith and Derek, and with Owen and Cristina last season... please give us smething more original! Please!!

Shonda Rhimes: Trust me, you have not seen this. Stop reading the press and just watch. Please. You'll have more fun that way.

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Owen_Cristinaforever! said...

So yeah don't know how much I can really trust Shonda after what she has done to like every character on her freakin show! I mean in season 3 Burke leaves Cristina at the altar, Meredith and Derek break up again how much can we really trust Shonda rhimes! I mean I did love last season but still I am so not trusting her with this stupid new girl coming in trying to steal Owen away from Cristina! I am sure Cristina will fight for Owen because she loves them but Shonda seriously better not break up Owen and Cristina who are the new fav couple on the show or shes going to have some very very angry Owen and Cristina fans!

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