Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kim Raver To Mess With Yang And Hunt?

Interesting new Grey's Anatomy spoiler from Ausiello:

Grey’s Anatomy is enlisting Jack Bauer’s ex to throw a monkey wrench into Owen and Cristina’s burgeoning romance. Sources confirm that Grey’s has tapped former 24 heroine Kim Raver to join the cast as a new surgeon and a possible love interest for Kevin McKidd’s doc.

Back in August, Owen’s portrayer, Kevin McKidd, revealed that a major skeleton would tumble out of Owen’s closet this season. “Someone comes to the hospital that he was connected to in his past, not his ex-fiancĂ©e, but it’s somebody we didn’t expect,” the actor told E! Online. “I think it could get a little tricky, but exciting and interesting. Hopefully it will bring [Owen and Cristina] closer in the long run.”

Raver’s role is recurring and she will debut in this season’s ninth episode, airing Nov. 12.

If you want to be spoiled even more, you can go here to read the casting sides for Kim Raver's character.


Anonymous said...

omg she better not break them up! They better get through this and become closer and happier :D

Anonymous said...

i agree - the only reason why i'm still watching grey's is because of O/C!

Megan said...

Me too, so I hope they don't mess up with this couple much. :(

lila said...

je suis d accord si cristina et owen ne sont plus ensemble je ne regardrai plus la serie

Cristina_Owenforever! said...

OMG They sooo better not break up Owen and Cristina they are the only good thing on Greys right now they are the reason I watch I swear if this girl comes in and tries to break them up and does I am soo done with this show Cristina and Owen have been through waay too much to break them up now they love each other too much! Cristina and Owen are forever!! like Owen said he wants to be around for the next 4o years with Cristina not some other stupid girl! This so better bring them closer!

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