Monday, April 20, 2009

Ask Ausiello about 'Grey's Anatomy'

Latest from Ausiello:

It's baaaaack! No, I'm not talking about Grey's Anatomy -- although, yes, that's also back this week. Rather, I'm referring to the rare treat that is the single-topic Ask Ausiello. Holla! Once again I'm focusing on Grey's, and, once again, I have a good reason for doing so: I just watched the next two episodes (airing April 23 and 30) and my spoiler cupeth runneth overith. Questions, please!

Question: Please tell me there's some good stuff for the amazingly talented Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd in the next two episodes of Greys. --HY
This Thursday's ep? Not so much. Next Thursday's ep? Hell yes!

Got more questions about Grey's? Send 'em to and maybe I'll answer them in Thursday's AA. I said maybe.

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