Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grey's Writers: Nailing It

Jenna Bans on "Sympathy for the Devil"

Cristina and Owen are really having a rocky time of it, aren’t they? Boy meets Girl, Boy kisses Girl, Boy goes off to War and comes back all effed up, Forgets who Girl is, Remembers Girl, Asks Girl on Date then shows up Wasted.

Now Cristina’s still not talking to Mer, still blames Mer for not having her back in the whole interns gone wild debacle, but if things were normal between them, these ladies would have A LOT to talk about.

Like the fact that Owen asked Cristina on a date and then showed up drunk. (But, if you noticed, still brought beautiful flowers - even intoxicated, Owen’s still the consummate gentleman) And the fact that he then proceeded to get in her shower FULLY CLOTHED and tell her about his best surgery ever – which was pretty much a tragic horror story. It’s becoming pretty clear that this guy has been deeply broken by his Iraq experience, and I think Cristina’s finally realizing the extent of the breakage.

But it’s not gonna scare her away. Because it takes a lot to scare Cristina Yang. And because she feels drawn to Owen, despite the warning signs of trouble ahead, despite him wearing shoes in her shower, and when she gets in the water with him at the end, we see something on Cristina Yang’s face that we hardly ever see – the complete absence of judgment. Total acceptance of Owen, battle scars and all. Because we all know that when it comes down to it, when it counts, Cristina’s anything but a robot.

For me, that was probably the most important scene in the script to get right. And Jeannot, our amazing, adorable French director with his adorable French accent, nailed it. (to be perfectly honest, he could have shot his own toes for 42 minutes and I probably would’ve loved that too – seriously, he’s that adorably French) Kevin and Sandra nailed it too. And even though Kevin had to stand in a freezing cold shower for about three hours in an Armani suit, he did not complain ONCE. That guy is game.

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