Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tyne Daly And Her Pal

Tyne Daly, who just guest starred in Grey's Anatomy as Mama Shepherd, mentions Sandra in this recent interview.

Sandra and Tyne Daly at a reception for Emmy Award nominees, September 2005.

Had you been a fan of the show, had you watched it before?

Well, now, this is an embarassment to me, because everybody asks me that. When JUDGING AMY was done, I needed a real rest from the world of television, so I no longer own a television set. I moved to New York and started working on the stage, so I’m not current. What I did do when they offered me the part was to ask them for some tapes, so I could get up to speed. They spent me a bunch of stuff, but none of it was from the aught-eight ['08] season!

My friend, Sandra Oh, who I love dearly. She had her very first television job on a CAGNEY AND LACEY television movie that we shot in Toronto and then she did an arc on JUDGING AMY with me which was fun. They sent me the one where she has her big meltdown before the wedding. I borrow the television from a friend who lives on the 4th floor of my building [laughs]. When it’s for work!

Who did you get to interact with besides Patrick [Dempsey] and Ellen [Pompeo]?

She has to wait all day, which she’s sort of used to, because she knows the drill with doctors schedules and she encounters a number of people. His buddy from childhood [Mark], the new guy, he’s come off the experience of doctoring in Iraq [Owen Hunt]. He’s an interesting fellow, the Scot. Of course, Meredith.

I didn’t get to play with Sandra Oh, who is my pal, and I didn’t get to also play with Sara Ramirez, who is another actor who I really admire, and know a little bit from the New York scene, so we were ships that pass in the night [laughs] but perhaps another time!

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