Thursday, May 3, 2007

Harlequin's Coolest Woman

From the Harlequin Romance Report:
There was a time when sleeping around, kissing and telling and meaningless relationships were all the rage in Hollywood. These days the celebrities with real staying power are exhibiting a more tightlipped approach to their personal lives. These ultra-cool celebrities are redefining romance, epitomizing the New Romantic.

The New Romantic is confident, strong, respectful and classy, while remaining sexy and soughtafter. These celebs make statements in all areas of their lives. They are setting the tone for what romance should be and are showing us how. Whether they are married, single, dating and/or raising kids, these celebrities are leading the Revolution.

Sandra is one of ten celebrities listed as Harliquin's Coolest Women.

10. Sandra Oh

This Emmy Award-nominated, Golden Globe-winning and two-time Genie Award-winning Canadian actress is best known for her role as a cynical and snarky surgeon on the hit series, Grey’s Anatomy. Much like her character on the show, Sandra has perfected the art of secrecy when it comes to her romantic relationships. In any case, she is talented, beautiful and worthy of the attention of many men. Maybe we’re a little jealous?

Source: Harlequin Romance Report 2007
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