Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Shooting In Church

If you’re wondering why Isaiah Washington was in the WOW parking lot yesterday waving up at us gay-friendly dudes, it’s because Grey’s Anatomy is shooting the wedding of his Dr Burke and Sandra Oh’s Dr Yang at the nearby First Baptist Church, at Selma at Las Palmas, not far from our offices. (The church has been in enough movies to earn its own SAG card.) Our colleague Beau Genot saw Oh get out of her trailer today and duck into a van to be driven to the church, as if it was actually in Seattle and not, like, less than a block away; WOW exec assistant Lydia Rendon almost ran over Ellen Pompeo at lunchtime; and we saw Washington earlier today heading toward his trailer, perhaps having come from the rehab-on-wheels most location shoots keep handy these days for troubled stars. (Photos by Brian Kim)

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