Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sandra Oh On Her Grey's Exit [Update]

Sandra Oh in a recent interview with E! Online about her announcement to leave Grey's Anatomy at the end of the season:

UPDATE: Video interview with Sandra and Kevin added.

"I remember when I announced it to my cast, it was the 200th episode and after our read-through—which was fantastic, I stood up and told everyone," Oh reveals to us exclusively during an event celebrating the series' milestone. "I did not want anyone to know through a press release or something like that. I wanted to tell everyone personally. It was tough."

"I'm going through so much therapy, by the way, to get through this. I'm not joking!" she tells us. "Not only to make the decision, but to actually process it out. It's been very, very emotional."

Co-star Kevin McKidd on Sandra's departure:
"I was really bummed. I knew it was coming, I think, because Sandra and I spent so much time together the past five years," he says. "So I wasn't that surprised, but I'm just really sad about it." 

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