Thursday, August 22, 2013

Saying Goodbye To Cristina Yang

Sandra Oh announcing her departure from Grey's Anatomy at the end of season 10 was rather big news in the world of pop culture last week. Sandra Oh and Grey's Anatomy were a trending topic on Twitter for hours after the news broke, and the news has inspired a slate of articles like these:

SLATE: How Cristina Yang Changed Television 
I want to take this occasion to celebrate Yang, one of TV’s most original and influential characters. Grey’s may be years removed from its buzzy, Emmy-winning start, but in Yang, the loveable, persnickety careerist, Rhimes and Oh have created a complex workaholic who has begat a whole generation of female protagonists, none quite as impressive as she is. - Read more
The Daily Beast: Pull the Plug on 'Grey's Anatomy' 
A Grey’s Anatomy without Sandra Oh’s fan-favorite doc, Cristina Yang? Oh, my.
Without Cristina Yang, who’s going to call the bull? Who’s going to deliver witty one-liners? Who’s going to take a stand against the allure of the McMen? Most importantly, who’s going to inhale candy and hot dogs and do so elegantly? The answer is no one. - Read more
Pajiba: Saying Goodbye to Cristina Yang, One of the Best B*tchfaces on Television

But I think that any complex, well-acted character deserves attention and Sandra Oh has done a fantastic job bringing Cristina Yang to life for ten years. I will miss the character, and will probably stop watching the show once she’s gone. The relationship between her and Meredith has been the backbone of the series since the first episode, and I don’t see how they can keep it going if she leaves. 
Goodbye, Dr.Yang, you were too good for the show you were in and I hope there are better things waiting for you in your future. That goes double for Sandra Oh. - Read more

Sandra Oh in the latest digital edition of EW: 
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Source: TV Guide: August 26 – Sept 8, 2013.
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