Friday, February 15, 2013

Sandra Oh And Dr. Costa On The Set Of Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh worked with a real-life cardiologist on last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy for a medical procedure that was featured on the show, and here's a behind the scenes pic of Sandra and the doc:

"Grey's Anatomy" star Sandra Oh poses with, from left, Thomas Engels from Cardiokinetix,
Mike Ferrari and cardiologist Dr. Marco Costa from UH Case Medical Center.
(Photo credit: Mike Ferrari/UH Case Medical Center)

Dr. Marco Costa on working with Sandra:

In the scene, real life cardiologist Dr. Marco Costa is standing next to Yang though he doesn’t have any lines. Costa was there to teach Oh how to fake the surgery for the cameras because he’s one of two leading experts on the device. As a reward, they put him in the episode.

After a 10-hour day on set to make sure Oh had the steps just right, the 30-second shot aired Thursday night.

“We rehearsed a little so she [Oh]would understand all the little steps take place,” Costa said. “I think she did very well. I wish she was in the medical field. It would be easy to teach her how to do a lot of things.”

Full article on ABC News
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