Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Cristina/Owen In Season 9 - Spoiler

For everyone wondering if there's hope for Cristina/Owen as a couple this season, Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes basically gives it all away in this spoiler from TV Line:

[Spoiler warning, dear peeps...]

Question: Grey’s Anatomy fan here — any hope for Cristina/Owen? —Amanda 
Ausiello: Yes, but there will be darkness before the dawn. “Initially, it’s going to be very unsettling,” previews exec producer Shonda Rhimes of the couple’s Season 9 trajectory. “And then it’s going to get fairly romantic as we watch them find their way back to one another.” 
But Rhimes is quick to stress that their road to reconciliation will be paved with bumps both old and new. “There are the aftereffects of the plane crash,” she explains. “There’s still his cheating. Also, he still wants a family and she still doesn’t. That is a huge obstacle for a couple. I’d like to explore what happens when two people want fundamentally different things. I didn’t want them to just walk away from each other. I felt like a lot of couples would fight to be together and figure out how to do it.”
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