Friday, October 26, 2007


Actress Brooke Smith (left) has joined Grey's Anatomy as series regular Dr. Erica Hahn. She mentions Sandra in a couple of interviews.


Since you're sticking around, I guess it's safe to assume that they're going to delve a little more into Dr. Hahn's background… maybe give her a love interest?

Smith: I think so. Honestly, as of now, there's only a little hinting. I'm getting some suggestions….

Like what?
Smith: There might be a certain man there who's interested in me. But I don't know what Dr. Hahn will think of that. It's really interesting.

I can see Dr. Hahn hitting it off with Cristina.
Smith: Secretly, we pushed for that. You know, Sandra [Oh] and I played lovers in [the off-Broadway play] Stop Kiss.

You know, there were rumors a while back that Cristina might be bisexual….
Smith: I know. I heard those rumors.

Then it's destined to happen!
Smith: That's what I think. But I don't know….

Source: Ausiello Report, TV Guide


BROOKE SMITH, a former guest star on "Grey's Anatomy" as Dr. Erica Hahn, the heart surgeon character who used to taunt Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington), has now joined the libidinal surgical fray full time.

I'm assuming that it actually turns out that everyone is nice with some exceptions.
Smith: I haven't met anyone who's not nice there. Truthfully! And I've known some of those people before. I did a movie with Patrick [Dempsey], and I did a play with Sandra [Oh] in New York called "Stop Kiss." We were lovers!

So you know each other quite well!
Smith: We do! When I first got to "Grey's," she told the producers I was a good kisser. Ooh, very controversial. And I did a "Law & Order" a million years ago with Ellen [Pompeo]. And T.R. [Knight]! I met T.R. at the O'Neill Theater Festival. Very highbrow. What can I say?

Source: LA Times

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