Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cristina Yang Is A Jewel

A new hilarious MamaPop recap by Yang-aficionado BHJ is out and here is an excerpt:

Here we go. Owen wants Yang to move in with him. This is a dumb idea that I bet he never cleared with his therapist. Crazy people are always looking outside themselves for quick fixes. But Owen needs to get his issues resolved and his meds straight before he even thinks about living with a woman as exquisitely complex as Yang.

Yang is a jewel. Owen is a nut.

But before she'd move in with him, Yang demanded that Owen clarify his feelings for Teddy, which activated his Iraq complex, which makes all the veins pop out of his neck. Yang's lucky that he didn't choke her while screaming "GEORGE BUSH SOLD MY BLOOD FOR OIL AND YOU'RE GIVING ME HASSLES ABOUT TEDDY?!? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! WHY DO YOU MAKE ME HURT YOU WHEN I LOVE YOU?!?"

But he didn't. He freaked about not knowing how he felt about Teddy because she was all wrapped up in the war and dead bodies and I can't remember what else. The gist is that he blew it when he needed to say "Teddy? Teddy who?" By the by, Teddy was on the stairwell and heard Owen's whole frothy speech, no doubt setting aflame the dry kindling of her heart.

Yang's not moving in with Owen.

NOTE: If Yang gets shot and killed, I will not watch a single episode of Season 7 nor speak of this program ever again.

Click here to read the entire mucho funny recap.


got2luvmel said...

ROTFLMAO Brilliant, couldn't have said it better myself.

Emma said...


Reply to NOTE: Neither would I!

jnrbnr said...

It's a shame that C/O have to be subjected to the clich├ęd love triangle device when their characters deserve a more unique, fun, robust story line that is along the lines of when Owen first declared to Christina - "A damsel in distress" in season 5, epi 2. Christina is ANYTHING BUT a damsel in distress, but hence the beginning of a love story borne from irony, spontaneity, humor and unquestionable passion. I am even onboard with the PTSD storyline, it’s just the Teddy/3rd wheel concept that dissolves the whole story and delivers a diluted romance that has…nothing. Irony- zilch. Spontaneity – nope. Humor (maybe in the earlier episodes). Passion – hit and miss, mostly miss.

Leeza said...

"NOTE: If Yang gets shot and killed, I will not watch a single episode of Season 7 nor speak of this program ever again."

Is that a promise?

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