Monday, April 30, 2012

Sandra Oh To Star In Romantic Comedy '33 Liberty Lane'

Sandra Oh has been cast in the film 33 Liberty Lane, which is a romantic comedy about four women who set up a phone-sex company, trying to make a quick buck.

Sandra will play one of the women in the group, 40-year old Karen who also happens to be virgin. Other cast members include Emily Watson as Brenda, a recently abandoned single-mother, Melora Hardin as corporate executive Connie, and serial marrier Isabella played by Nia Vardalos.

The film will be shot this summer in Winnipeg, Canada.

More details about the film in the press release below:

The cast of 33 Liberty Lane: Sandra Oh, Emily Watson, Nia Vardalos and Melora Hardin.
The cast of 33 Liberty Lane: Sandra Oh,
Emily Watson, Nia Vardalos and Melora Hardin.

Emily Watson, Sandra Oh, Melora Hardin and Nia Vardalos make up the dynamic ensemble that sees them as a group of women down on their luck, who band together to create a company that would make a quick buck and ease their woes. In a na├»ve process of osmosis their “dream” is realized in Love Shack, a phone-sex company. Diving in head first, they seemed to have forgotten one key ingredient – sexual prowess. For a group that contains a suburban mom and a 40 year-old virgin, this does not come naturally and the educational services of Brijeet, a local hooker, are enlisted, bringing some unforeseen side-effects.

Shooting is due to begin in Summer 2012 with Peter Hewitt (Garfield, The Borrowers) set to direct. 
33 Liberty Lane is a TREE (Australia) production to be shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with the support of Manitoba Film & Music, and the Production Company, Buffalo Gal Pictures.


What do you do when you find yourself dumped for a younger woman, left with the mortgage to pay, outdated by modern technology, and in the midst of an unwanted midIlife crisis? You turn to your friends, you swallow your pride, and you start up a phone sex business – that’s what you do. But for Brenda and her pals, it’s not so easy – they aren’t as competent, liberated and worldly-wise as they think. And their initial attempts are disastrous – both financially and practically. To top it all, Brenda’s 18 yearIold son, Scott, returns from failing at University to find a hooker, Brijeet, at the family home – what kind of mother is that? As the ladies have to reinvent themselves once again, they decide to stop faking and be themselves – a recipe, finally, for success and certainly a life education for Scott and Brijeet.

It's going to be a busy summer for Sandra Oh, who will also be starring in the indie short film 'A Helping Hand' with Michelle Krusiec and Howard Hesseman, which you can read more about here. It's an indie project that still needs funding, so click here to hear more from the filmmakers and how you can help out.
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