Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sandra Oh To Release An Autobiography - 'The Story Of Oh'

According to Sandra Oh will release an autobiography entitled The Story of Oh in September this year. Here is the book cover and the synopsis:

Sandra Oh's mother warned her: If you get into acting, you're gonna get tangled up in drugs and prostitution. Her parents were Korean immigrants, settled in Ottawa, very religious, and when Sandra started falling in love with performing arts as a kid they got pretty nervous.

In 'The Story of Oh', Sandra Oh shares her own story on her love for acting, her early career in Canada and trying to make it in Hollywood as a woman and an Asian-American. She takes us through the ups and downs in her acting career, working from small productions to the multi-award winning movie 'Sideways', her life-changing role as Cristina Yang on the hit television show 'Grey's Anatomy' and what comes next.

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