Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grey's Tidbits: Dancing Scenes, Cristina/Owen and The Season Finale

Here are a few tidbits from Jesse Williams and Shonda Rhimes about what's coming up on Grey's Anatomy the rest of this season.

There Will Be Dancing. And Blood.

Jesse Williams on something to look forward to in the upcoming episodes:

Source: @iJesseWilliams

It looks like there will be quite a few non-hospital scenes coming up in the upcoming episodes, as the cast will also be filming scenes at the Wilshire Grand Hotel hotel next week.


This could be too little too late for some of you judging by your comments in previous posts, but here's what the future holds for the couple:

Season Finale

Shonda Rhimes on writing the Grey's Anatomy season finale:

Source: @shondarhimes

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