Monday, April 2, 2012

Latest Grey's Scoop From Sandra Oh

Wetpaint had a chat with Sandra Oh at the 33rd Annual College Television this Saturday, who shared a tidbit about the residents upcoming medical boards and what's in store for Cristina and Owen - which slightly differs from Shonda Rhimes' message in a recent tweet:

“Someone didn’t pass the boards.” Sandra Oh would not reveal which doc flunks, admitting “I’m gonna get in trouble”.

Speaking of trouble, it appears there aren’t happier days ahead for Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina either, on the heels of his admission that he cheated on her. When Wetpaint inquired about light at the end of their marital tunnel, Sandra said that going into finale, there doesn’t seem to be any.

“I honestly have no idea,” she tells us. ”But if there is, a lot of time relationships go through a long dark period, so definitely that’s where they’re at right now.” 

We know that creator Shonda Rhimes spoiled that she has “no intention of splitting [Cristina and Owen] up,” so there will be a happy ending in store for this couple.
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