Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmys 2009: Golden Girl

Here are the first red carpet pictures of Sandra Oh arriving at the Emmy Awards, September 20, looking fabulous.

UPDATE 4: For all you fashionistas out there, Sandra is wearing a Marchesa dress and clutch, Jimmy Choo “clue” platform shoes, yellow gold teardrop diamond earrings by Tacori and David Yurman ring. (Source)

UPDATE 3: Waiting for the show to begin.
UPDATE 2: Even more pics
UPDATE: More pics.

More pictures without watermark later..


Anonymous said...

Just saw her on tv! She is my favorite s far! Stunning!

Vanesssa Monteiro said...

Sandra is wonderful and deserves too!!!
Your character is very rich and hilarious, always had a great time with Christina.
I miss too much, even though Thursday is coming!

Anonymous said...

she didn't win but she's alway a winner in my book

Anonymous said...

alway: I ment always

Anonymous said...

Who's her date? Is she no longer with Andrew Featherston?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that she lost...She is amazing that so unfair!!!! :( :(

Anonymous said...

she's gotten robbed five years in a row now. she's the susan lucci of the prime time emmys. susan eventually won so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for next year.

can't wait for thursday, season premire!!!!

don't know who her date is or if she broke up with andrew

Anonymous said...

I think she is a private person so she probably didn't want to bring him or maybe they did break up...But wow she looks absolutely gorgeous!! :D I am so sad she didn't win though :(

Anonymous said...

she looks incredibly beautiful! i'm so sad that she didn't win but indeed she is the winner in our hearts- has been and always will be. :)

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