Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cristina/Owen: One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong - Spoilers [Update]

UPDATE: Tidbit from TV Guide added.

Same, same but different? Latest Grey's spoilers from TV Line where Sandra Oh's co-star Kevin McKidd once again answers the season long question, is there hope for Cristina and Owen as couple:


What can you tell us about Cristina and Owen's journey this year? 
Kevin McKidd: It's hard to see just how they're going to fix things. They're pretty damaged and there have been wrongs done on both sides. They're both pretty strong-willed people, they love each other and they've got this deep connection that's undeniable. In the first couple of episodes, you don't really see them make much headway. Owen's trying to reach out to Cristina and she's not really able or willing to receive much from Owen yet. There's still that distance between them that hopefully will break down as they move forward. They're very much as separate as they've ever been even though they're married.

But is there hope for them? 
McKidd: I think there's hope. I just hope they can make it because I think they're a cool couple and I think they really are destined to be together, but how they do that is hard to tell at the moment. I think it's going to be Owen striving to win her back, but it's going to take a while.

Will Owen try to find someone new while Cristina is away, or does he feel too much guilt after cheating on her? 
McKidd: I think he's manning up to what happened. He's holding out for Christina. Whether that will be reciprocated, he doesn't know. But until he's explored every avenue to see if it's healable and fixable, then he's going to hold out for her because she's the love of his life. I think he still hopes that she feels the same way about him. 
It also looks like we've seen the last of the firehouse, because Kevin revealed that with Cristina off to Minnesota, Owen is moving out as well and moving into Derek's old trailer in the woods.

TV Line

Question: I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, and an even bigger Cristina/Owen fan. I know they are the “red-headed step children” of all of the couples on the show right now, but is there any hope for them? —Laura C

Ausiello: There’s more than hope. There’s confirmation from Shonda Rhimes that they will eventually find their way back to each other. But a familiar and daunting obstacle awaits – he still wants to have children. “That’s a fundamental thing,” concedes Kevin McKidd. “It’s in his DNA. He wants to be a dad. I don’t know how [they overcome that]… It’s going to be a tough road. I enjoyed last season watching their decline. But my hope as a fan is that they make it back to each other.”

Question: Please!! Dying!! Need Grey’s Anatomy scoop!! Please help!! Thanks!! —Tamar 

Ausiello: A new plane crash-related wrinkle will present itself in the coming weeks, and this one could have far-reaching implications for all the survivors.

After all is said, frankly, my dears, the answer seems to be no at the moment. What do you think?
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