Friday, April 13, 2012

Isaiah Washington: 'Sandra Oh Is A Fantastic Actress'

Once upon a time on Grey's Anatomy, Cristina Yang and Dr. Preston Burke were the show's main angsty couple, and last night Sandra Oh's former co-star Isaiah Washington, was a guest on a Brazilian talk show where he was full of praise for Sandra Oh. Listen to what he had to say in the interview in the video below, and as you can see, the talk show host himself (Jô Soares) seemed to be quite taken by Sandra as well:

Starts at the 7:30 min mark.

Jô Soares: How many years have you been on that show banging that wonderful…

Isaiah Washington: Banging? Woah! Sandra Oh?

Jô: Yes, she's fantastic as a matter of fact.

Isaiah: Yes, she is. She's fantastic. If I miss anything about that show is the experience of working with her. She's a class act. A super power, a talent. I think she's won every award in Canada, cause she's Canadian.

Jô: She's Canadian?

Isaiah: Yeah, she grew up in Canada. So I think that she has won everything except the Oscar in Canada. She's got a Golden Globe and Emmy-noms, so she's a fantastic actress.

Jô: I like, because she almost climbs on you and you had a lot of nice chemistry together.

Isaiah: There's mutual respect there.

Jô: Fantastic.

And this must be the 'climbing' the host is referring to, no?
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