Friday, April 13, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Latest Update On The Residents' Future, Cristina/Owen & The Season Finale [Update]

With 5 episodes left to go this season, here are a few tidbits from various media outlets about what's coming up in the remaining episodes of Grey's Anatomy:


Update (Apr 14): From TV Guide's William Keck about the season finale:


Shonda Rhimes' interview with Wetpaint from the Shonda & Friends event last week:

Wetpaint: You recently tweeted that you intend to keep Cristina and Owen together.

That doesn't mean they're going to stay together. It just means that I want to keep them together. 
Are you trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel at this point?

I already know what the light at the end of the tunnel is. So for me, I feel like that journey is very clear to me. I think for the fans, it's just a little scarier because they don’t know where we're going.

But on the other hand, a tweet from last night (Apr 12):


The Season Finale

The season finale of Grey's has now been written, and TV Guide's William Keck tweeted a tidbit about what will be the opening scene of the super-secret finale, before all hell breaks loose:

Just interviewed @shondarhimes about #greysanatomy finale. Promised 2keep epic secrets a while longer but ep will begin w/very1st pilot scene - a replay of hospital scene with Richard giving residents their matching orders. Back to the beginning.

The Residents' Future

Same, same but different... More from Shonda Rhimes' interview with Wetpaint:

Wetpaint Entertainment: You have mentioned that this season's Grey's Anatomy finale is particularly difficult to write? Why more so than the previous ones? 
Shonda Rhimes: Well, just because the interns are going to stop being residents after this season. They're going to become attendings. This is their last year in that world. And there's also that idea that we're not a hundred percent sure exactly who's coming back next year and who's not. And also, we've been doing this for seven seasons, that you want to top yourself every time, and you want to do better every time.
We’ve also seen some photos of airport scenes, with Meredith, Derek, Zola and Cristina. Are you able to tease them at all? 
People seem to be very obsessed with these airport scenes. I will say this. The residents are interviewing for jobs which is what happens when you're a resident. That's why they're traveling. No one's going to Africa. 
What are you able to say about the Boards episode coming up? 
Oh God. I think that it's going to have some very unexpected consequences for every last one of our residents. 
We hear the boards episode is also very funny. 
It's very funny. There's a lot of incredibly funny things that happen in this run up to the end of the season, things that we sort of found and we laughed about it in the writers room, the table reads. The kind of thing where we laughed and laughed and laughed. So yeah, it's been great.   

Kevin McKidd on what role Owen Hunt will play - in his position as the chief of surgery - when the residents start looking for new job opportunities:

“The residents are all at the point where they’re going to be doing their boards, so some [of them] may be thinking about going to different hospitals. He’s got an eye on that; he’s concerned about that,” he says. 
“He’s obviously going to have to make his recommendations as chief. So it’ll be interesting to see who he recommends for what, and what he recommends for which hospital. I don’t know what he’ll write on those recommendation sheets. They’ve all been very hard working.”
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