Thursday, April 19, 2012

At Least One Cast Member Is Leaving Grey's Anatomy

TV Guide's William Keck, aka @KecksExclusives, has interviewed Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes about the upcoming season finale of Grey's Anatomy, and he has posted some teasers about it on Twitter.

As you may know, Sandra Oh's contract with the show expires at the end of this season (along with the rest of the original cast), and the question on everybody's mind at the moment is whether one of them could be leaving the show. So today when asked about which cast members will be back in season 9, William Keck confirmed that at least ONE will definitely be leaving the show, and that Shonda Rhimes hopes to keep the actors' contract status a secret until the cliffhanging finale. (The departing cast member could be anyone in the cast, not just the original six actors.)

While Sandra Oh wasn't allowed to comment on the contract negotiations in her recent interview on Strombo, she did say that she loves her job, the show and the character and that she would love to continue to play Cristina Yang.

As for the finale itself, both Patrick Dempsey and Kevin McKidd have tweeted in the past few days that it's going to be sad, with lots of tears but also beautiful moments. And Cristina/Owen fans, according to Keck, your hearts haven't even begun to be shattered.

The titles for the final two episodes of season 8 have been revealed and are 8.23 'Migration' and 8.24 'Flight' (season finale).

So who do you think is leaving the show at the end of this season?

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