Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updates On The Grey's Anatomy Benefit and Cast Contracts

A few updates from Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes who had a chat with TV Guide regarding the Grey's Anatomy benefit and cast contracts...

As you may know, Sandra Oh and a majority of her cast members are putting together a benefit for The Actors Fund where they'll be performing songs from the musical episode of Grey's as well as other songs from the show. Singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson who's had a few of her songs featured on the show - like the one in this epic Cristina scene - will be joining the cast on stage.

Sandra Oh did not sing in the musical episode, but according to Grey's boss she'll be participating in the benefit by doing "a couple of special things" instead. No further details on what that might be, but a few years ago the cast did another benefit where the non-singing cast members introduced the performers and performed readings of fan mail and fan fiction.

There are still plenty of tickets left for the benefit which will take place on March 18th in LA, so get yours here.

In the interview Shonda Rhimes also commented on the current contract status of the original cast members, saying that everybody wants to come back, but that there's "money stuff" to be resolved. This is what she said about that:

TV Guide Magazine: You must know by now if Patrick and Ellen will be back next season. 
Rhimes: I have no idea. I have my fingers crossed. What I think is really lovely is that everybody wants to come back. There's [money] stuff happening. I am [confident], but I have a plan in place for the finale that can occur regardless of who is staying. Our goal is to have Derek and Meredith move in to the completed dream house. [A real L.A. home will be used.] And our residents will be interviewing for jobs all around the country.

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