Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Spoilers on Cristina/Owen and Residents' Medical Boards

While there's still no news on the cast's contract talks, there are a few spoilers about what's coming up in the last few episodes this season. There's some good news for the defeated Cristina/Owen fans and some drama for some of the residents as they take their medical boards:

Blairlvr: I don't know how much more Cristina and Owen heartache I can take! My favorite TV couple, hands down, and Shonda Rhimes better not break them up for good. 
Fear not! My sense is they are one of Shonda's favorite couples too, and although she told us Cristina and Owen will get "darker," she said that is "before it gets better." It gets better, people! Also, you can bet good money those two will keep sharing lots and lots of screen time for as long as they are both on the show, because, per Shonda:  
 "I've been having the time of my life writing for Sandra [Oh] and Kevin [McKidd] because honestly it doesn't matter what I write for them, they hit it out of the park. It's amazing."

Question: Any update on the Grey’s Anatomy contract situation? —Kim 
Ausiello: Nothing official, but perhaps a clue can be find in this fresh batch of intel I just procured: According to a source, the medical boards don’t go well for at least two of the show’s docs — one gets a ginormous, stress-induced spontaneous nosebleed (mid-test!) and another fails the first of three sections when he arrives late.

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