Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cristina/Owen: Is Owen Really Cheating On Cristina?

Lots of Grey's Anatomy scoop today as Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes is promoting the Grey's benefit which takes place this Sunday.

The latest episode of Grey's Anatomy left us all wondering if Owen is cheating on Cristina or if it's all in her head and if you don't want to wait for the episode tonight to find out, this is what Ms. Rhimes told TVLine in an interview:

TVLINE | Turning now to some Grey’s storylines…. In your mind, should we be questioning whether Owen is being unfaithful, or is that strictly in Cristina’s head? Shonda Rhimes: That’s a really good question…. I should hope that you’re questioning it.

She’s just in such a paranoid, fragile place right now.
She is, but I also think she’s a smart woman who feels like something’s wrong. She might not be correct about what’s wrong, but…. 
And it is Summer Glau, so….
I know, right? She only did two episodes for us, but it was really great to have her. She did an amazing job.
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