Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grey's Boss On Cristina/Owen, and Alternate Reality Episode

TV Line did a Q&A with Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes where she teased about what's coming up for Cristina and Owen in the next few episodes, and what to expect form the alternate universe episode:

[Spoiler Alert]

TVLINE | Speaking of which, what is this going to do to Cristina?

Shonda Rhimes: [Henry's death] is a catalyst for Cristina and Owen to [face] what is the real problem in their relationship, which is Cristina had this abortion that Owen’s not comfortable with. The unresolved tension about the abortion really explodes in these upcoming episodes. Everything just blows up to holy hell.


TVLINE | There’s also the big alternate universe episode. How did that come about?

One of our writers, Stacy McKee, pitched it. And I said the only way it could work is if Meredith’s mother never had Alzheimer’s and Richard had picked Ellis to stay with versus staying with Adele. To me, the most interesting way of viewing an alternate universe is, “What if Meredith had never been dark and twisty? What if she’s a bright shiny girl?” Well, for starters, she never would’ve been in a bar to meet Derek. And from that, the entire world changes. Would Meredith and Cristina have ever been friends if Meredith was a bright and shiny person? 

TVLINE | Sounds like a lot of work went into breaking this episode. 
We had the best time figuring out what pieces of the world no longer exist because Meredith is a cheerful person.
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