Monday, January 23, 2012

Sandra Oh In Audio Drama 'Die, Snow White! Die, Damn You!'

Sandra Oh is one of the performers in Die, Snow White! Die, Damn You!: A Very Grimm Tale, an audio drama by famed audio dramatist Yuri Rasovsky, set to be released on May 1, 2012. It is a new spin on the classic Snow White tale and here is the synopsis:

With the premiere of two new film versions of the Snow White tale, Blackstone enters the fray with its own adult, edgy, and not altogether serious full-cast exposé of fairy-taledom. At last it can be told!  
Was Snow White really as pure as the driven snow? Did her allegedly wicked stepmother get a bum rap from the Grimm brothers? What went on behind the closed Dutch doors of the dwarves’ cottage? How many handsome princes does it take to screw in a light bulb? 
These and other burning questions may or may not be answered in this new pseudogothic audio play that Blackstone commissioned from award-winning author and audio dramatist Yuri Rasovsky.

Sandra Oh has worked with Rasovsky once before on his audiobook dramatisation of Dashiell Hammond's The Maltese Falcon, which has won several awards and received a Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Word Album. 

Sandra Oh as femme fatale Brigid O'Shaughnessy in 'The Maltese Falcon'.

Sadly, Yuri Rasovsky passed away on Wednesday and Sandra Oh talked to the Chicago Sun-Times about working with him:

“Being introduced to [performing] radio plays through [Yuri] was like discovering a new fun planet,” Oh said in a text message. “I knew from the second we worked together that I had so much to learn from him. His understanding of the medium, of storytelling and trust in his actors was superlative. He was a great and generous teacher.”
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