Friday, January 15, 2010

Co-Stars Getting Along

Sandra's co-stars Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd have been promoting their latest triangle storyline involving Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy, and here's an interview where Kim mentions working with Sandra:

Via Kevin McKidd Online


Luvcris said...

With due respect to KR, I think she should just stop with the Teddy is not a homewrecker. Neither is Teddy noble nor awesome when KR said that Teddy didn't cross the line when Owen was engaged to Beth. So why did she do it now? Why tell Owen she loves him when she knows he is in a relationship? There is nothing great about the Teddy character as now that character comes across as someone pathetic whiny and weak woman. Teddy is supposed to be a Cardio Goddess. Act like one. Forgive me as I wish Teddy gets run over by a bus as that character is so grating on my nerves that I want to see her gone for good. Which reminds me, I miss George.

Luvcris said...

No matter how TPTB tries to sell this crappy triangle SL it's never gonna work with this viewer. I'm passionately protective of CO and will never be able to accept someone who tries to come between them. So if I were to repeat as often as KR about wanting Teddy to be run over by a bus, will my wish come true then? I'm trying to follow what KR is doing. Repeating over and over..

Elena said...

I completely agree. KR is treating the fans as if we were stupid, just because she repeates something over and over in interviews it doesn't make it true, and it doesn't make fans think that way, we are not idiots.
If the character wouldn't want to break them, she wouldn't have confesed her feelings to him, she would have not stayed, she wouldn't treat Cristina like she did in episode 11, and now she says to her to forget about it but she is not leaving, so she is not fogetting about it.
The people who makes the show obviously don't want the fans to hate the new character, but at the same time they want her to be in the middle of the couple. They are crazy if they thought they could do both things, if you don't want people to hate a character, they should not introuduce her like this. No matter what she does next, what she has already done will always be there.

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