Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sandra Oh And Kevin McKidd Will Make You Cry

Last Thursday, Sandra Oh impressed the Twitterverse with her acting skills, and Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes  says to expect more of that as both Sandra and her co-star Kevin McKidd have been turning in amazing performances in the upcoming episodes where Cristina and Owen will be dealing with their relationship issues.

Here's more on that from her interview with TV Guide:


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Following the death of Henry, it seems like Cristina and Owen (Kevin McKidd) are about to hit a rough patch. What can you tease? 
Rhimes: The explosion is coming. I think it's going to affect every corner of their lives. Some of the performances that Sandra and Kevin are turning in are, like, people are crying while watching the dailies. It's unbelievably good what they're doing. 
Fans are really invested in the Cristina-Owen relationship and would be, ahem, very outspoken should anything happen to them.

Rhimes: I think everyone's really dedicated to them as a couple. I'm not going to say whether or not they're going to break up or not because, honestly, that's kind of not the point in this. But I feel like they're two people who really want to be together, who are fighting to make it work. What that's going to mean is it's going to be fairly painful, even if they make it work. It's going to be a painful journey.
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