Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sandra Oh and Sara Ramirez Will Be Rocking It

More Cristina scoop from the ├╝ber lovely Kevin McKidd who's directing episode 8.06 of Grey's Anatomy and tweeting about it.

Remember the last time Cristina and Callie teamed up? The time has come again. This is what Kevin tweeted today:

@TheRealKMcKidd: Awesome day! Ellen was funny and amazing in her scenes - as was jim- sandra and Sara rocked it ! And guest stars were , well .. Stars!

And when asked about Sandra Oh and Sara Ramirez being in a scene together "finally", he replied:

@TheRealKMcKidd: I know. They have a great storyline in my episode - think you'll enjoy

Also peeps, don't forget to support Kevin McKidd in his "Tough Mudder Challenge" where he has teamed up with Save The Children to raise money for the children affected by the draught in the Horn of Africa. Visit Kevin McKidd Online for more much more info on this.

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