Monday, September 5, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Let The Contract Negotiations Begin!

You may know by now that Sandra Oh's contract on Grey's Anatomy expires at the end of season 8, along with her fellow original cast members. Ellen Pompeo talked to TV Guide about this where she and the reporter speculate that this season could possibly be Sandra and Patrick Dempsey's swan song:

The original cast of Grey's.

Ellen Pompeo: "... If I hear from the fans that they want us to keep going, then I would continue because we owe them everything."

But of course she's not speaking for Patrick, who may likely exit, along with Sandra Oh (Cristina), to pursue a film career. Surprisingly, Ellen says that wouldn't deter her from continuing Meredith's story.
"I have been blessed to work beside Sandra Oh for the past eight years; she's an incredible talent," says Ellen, who feels the same way about Patrick and "all the original cast members who aren't there anymore—T.R. [Knight], Isaiah [Washington], Katie [Heigl]. I didn't think the show could go on without any of them, yet we found a way to do it. It might be an interesting story for Meredith to have to deal with losing Cristina."

What do you think peeps? Will Sandra stay on for another season on Grey's Anatomy or will this be her last?

Also, check out Enty Lawyer's (CDAN) take on why the original cast members may not be leaving just yet. Click here to read.


Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOO, Sandra, you must stay. You are the reason I watch the show. I mean I love the meredith character too, but you bring so much more to the show for me than she does. it just wouldn't be the same!

Anonymous said...

ooooh please don't go. you are an idol for me, you are the reason why i want to become a doctor. you and meredith do all the show, trust me! but you are the best in my opinion. please don't go !

Anonymous said...

I really hope Sandra doesn't exit. If she does, I really don't think there can be a Grey's Anatomy without her. I know the show is primarily about Meredith but the most important relationship on the show is the friendship between Meredith and Cristina! There just really isn't a Meredith without Cristina.

Anonymous said...

sandra must stay!!!
Ellen can go:P

OhFan said...

I don't know if Sandra is staying or leaving, all I know is when she leaves the show I'm done with it. She is the only reason I have kept watching it. There have been many times I wanted to stop watching it, because it because just too crazy and soap-opera-ish, but then Sandra appeared and gave us one of her wonderful performances and I had to keep watching.
I love everyone involved in the show, because I've seen them and their work for 7 seasons, but the only one who has that effect in me is Sandra, just like I'm sure other people has it with some of the other actors. I'll watch whatever other shows, movies or theater (if I can afford the travel) she does, because very few actresses/actors have that effect in me.
And we must thank Shonda and the writers too (even if sometimes I know you guys would like to tell them a few *ehem* things), but they gave her great material to work with, and that's so difficul to find nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Sandra can't go! She has the best character! I love the sarcasm, the cynicism, everything! If Sandra goes, I go!

Anonymous said...

I don't think she'll go anywhere. Cristina Yang is a 'one in a milion' character. It's a golden mine for an actor. She invested years of her work in this and she seems to be a good professional. I think she may want give closure to her work.Besides that, where would she go? Though she is an excellent actress those roles are scarce in TV, acting work is scarce, work is scarce everywhere nowadays. So, she will stay. Anyway, if she or KMK leave and I leave too.

Anonymous said...

sandra please dont go,i really like u than other character here..

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