Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cristina/Owen: Latest Spoilers From TV Line

TV Line on Cristina and Owen's relationship post-abortion:

Question: The Grey’s Anatomy premiere was heartbreaking. Do you have any scoop, please? —Jessica
Ausiello: Cristina may have terminated her pregnancy, but that storyline is far from over. Owen still has some major unresolved feelings about the whole ordeal. Basically, he’s still pissed. Like really pissed. Like using-his-fists-on-people pissed. Thankfully, Derek convinces him to channel his anger into something positive, like helping him build the deck on his and Mer’s McDream home.

For worried Owen/Cristina fans, Kevin McKidd just tweeted this re Cristina/Owen:
@TheRealKMcKidd: It'll all work out.



Julia said...

Although I believe that Cristina had the right to choose, I guess it's only natural for Owen to harbour resentment and feel angry. I think that for him to feel otherwise and be totally fine with it, would not be true to the reality of their situation.

Having said that, I really do hope that they can work it out. I can't imagine GA without them being together, it would break my heart! I hope Kevin's tweet "it'll all work out" means that they will stay together.

Emma said...

Ha Ha Ha! The picture you selected for the occasion is hilarious!!!

I totally agree with Julia, the previous poster, both on Cristina's right to choose and on Owen's understandable reaction. I also do hope they won't split them up. The chemistry between the two actors is amazing, and their characters, after all they've been through, deserve to stay together.

Julia said...

Emma, I also applaud the picture chosen - such a passive-aggressive feel to it :)

Sandra Oh News said...

Emma and Julia: We try. ;) Got a whole stash of those just waiting to be posted.

Emma said...

@Sandra Oh News, I'm looking forward to them all!!!

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